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About Cynthia

Cynthia "Cindy" Morgan was born in Baltimore in 1952 and lived in the metro area all her life. Her life was one that touched more people than even her family will ever know. Her love and devotion to her friends (and even strangers) was only surpassed by the love she had for her husband, Robert Morgan; her son, John Kantorski; and the families she called her own - The Schultzes, the Morgans, the Kantorskis, the Lloyds, and too many more to mention.

During her life, she wore many hats. She was a waitress, a liquor sales rep, and managed stores for a number of companies, including Discovery Zone, Midway Pharmacy, and Heavenly Ham. Of course, her most important role was as mother to her only son, John; her stepdaughter, Celina; and grandmother to her two grandchildren, L.J. and Lainey.

As well, she devoted much of her time to the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club of Maryland, and its charitable and social activities.

Unfortunately, her time with us was dramatically cut short by cancer. She was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in August of 2004, and although she put up a fight as brave as has been fought, she succumbed to the disease in October of 2004. While cancer extinguished her mortal light, no one will ever extinguish the light that shines bright on the lives she touched.

About CEMS Fund

The scholarship was established by Cynthia's son, John Kantorski, in February of 2005. Through John's life, "Cindy" made sure of one thing: that her son was going to get a proper education. She made sure that, at an early age, John saw the importance of education and knowledge, and instilled in him a love of learning that continues to this day (Just ask anyone about how annoying it is to play Trivial Pursuit against him!). Later in life, she sacrificed and saved, and did whatever she could to make sure that John completed his high school education - which she never did because she had to work to support herself and her family - and made sure that John was able to afford college and complete his degree, which he did in 2001.

This scholarship was established in order to foster and instill the belief that Cindy always carried - that education and learning were of paramount importance. This scholarship is intended to help a student defray some small portion of the ever-increasing costs of a college education. As well, this scholarship is being awarded only to a person who is a "first-generation" college student. Cindy's son John was in the first generation of his family to attend and graduate college. Many first-generation college students are not prepared for the intensity and lifestyle associated with pursuing a college degree in the way that children are in families where previous generations have completed the rigors of a college education. This scholarship is intended to help alleviate some of the frustration and costs associated with college expenses.

Finally, due to the exemplary and caring attention given to Cindy and her family by the staff of Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, MD, John felt that it was only right that this scholarship be used to assist a student who is intending to pursue a degree in a medical-related field. It is the hope of the fund that the scholarship might be used by a student who may one day help find a cure for the cancers that take away so many before it is their time to leave us. At the very least, the fund will help put more qualified medical service providers in the world, and help those who might not have thought they would be able to pursue such an advanced degree.

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